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 Men may be at an increased risk of fertility issues if they have a history of smoking, excessive drug or alcohol use, injury to the reproductive organs, or exposure to environmental toxins such as lead and pesticides.

Causes of Fertility Problems

“Many things can contribute to fertility problems, and in some cases, there may be several causes or no identifiable cause,”  “The most common male fertility issues are related to the concentration and quality of sperm.”

For instance, sperm may be malformed, few in number, or unable to move quickly enough. Semen thickness may also restrict sperm motility. Other times, physical problems prevent otherwise healthy sperm from reaching the egg. Common issues include:


  • Masses and cysts in the testicles

  • Physical damage caused by cancer treatment or sexually-transmitted diseases

  • Undescended testicles

  • Blocked tubes or enlarged veins inside the male reproductive organs


To get to the root of the problem, doctors will review a patient’s full medical history and perform a physical exam and semen analysis. Some patients may also require a blood test, ultrasound or genetic screening.

Treatment options for male fertility issues vary depending on the problem.

“Treatment may include medication, lifestyle modifications or procedures to correct a physical abnormality,”

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